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420 Shakedown Street Fest was a bust. The police were called, and they shut us down. They didn't know what to say when I asked why they haven't shut us down before 2023.

We protested during the Pandemic. We have had events every year since 2015. The answer is it was a new police chief in 2023. He wasn't familiar with us. Not my fault that our local politicians and leadership don't pay attention to the people in their community. 

We did get a great article written by the local newspaper. At the end of the day that was my main purpose. I don't think we could have written a better article than the one we got. 

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The 420 Shakedown Street Festival 2023

April 20, 2023 starting at 2PM to 8PM. 



Meet US @ the Blue Bridge
10th & Cincinnati Ave., Anderson IN

Come to Celebrate and
(H)elp (E)nd (M)arijuana (P)rohibition
DJ DEX Music/Karaoke/LIVE Music, food, culture,
comedy, and activism + so much more...

Peaceful Rally + Family Friendly + Non-Partisan + Pro Cannabis Festival 

the 420 Shakedown Street Festival

APRIL 20, 2023 @ 2PM to 8PM

Blue Bridge Park-Gazebo
E. 10th St. & Cincinnati Ave.
Anderson, Indiana 46016

Anderson Historic District
Indian Trails Parkway

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We are going to attempt to fill the parking lot down by White River

& the Historic Blue Bridge/Deleware Indian Trail.

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See FACEBOOK Event the 420 Shakedown Street Festival
or the most current updates for the event. 
(click the photo with the Wookie to be redirected to FB)

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Shakedown Street Vendors 2023:

420 Vender Roster 2023 (Google Doc)

0.) DJ D-E-X Entertainment DJ & KJ Karaoke Service
(Dexter Stovall)
FB Page:
FB Group:

Blue Bridge Gazebo Park

1) Hoosier Cannabis Community: Donation Station 

FB Page:
FB Group:

2)  Michele Freed Photography (Michelle Forreman Freed)
FB Page:

3) (Canceled Work-Related Training)

4) Artisan Alchemy (Jess Walton)
Website: https//

FB Page:

5) Country Fun Freeze (Tari Knarr-Streza)
FB Group:

6) Artists Booth (Savannah Hagan)
FB Page:

7) Under the Sun (Kasy Watson)
FB Page:

8) (Canceled)

9) LadyCrochetsAlot (A. Allen)
IG Page:

10) Courtney Ann Designz (M. Secrease)
FB Page:

11) Cultivate Hope Chemovar (R. Zirkle)

FB Page:

12) Creations by Jordan Ash (Jordan Ash)

13) Designs by Rustique (Tamara Givens)
FB Page:

14) U'Neq Kreations (Latoya Nicole)

15) OGs Beads & Bits (Kimi Maynard)

16) QuakenMake Crafts (Miranda Quakenbush)

FB Page:

17) Jeanette Ibro
FB Page:

18) Epoxy Resin by MJ (Myla Jane)
FB Page:

19) CGO Designs Studio (April Alvey)

FB Page:

20) Wild Gypsy Hemp (Shannon Psotta) 



FB Page:

21) Indiana NORML (Alicia Tucker Dougherty)

FB Page:


22) Enagic & Juicin4life (K. Wurster)
FB Page:
FB Page:

23) (Canceled)

24) Shrooms'n'Sparkles (Lynne Coverdale)

I.G. Page:

FB Page:

25) (Elwood Wood Carver)(Randy)

(Canceled due to family emergency.) 

26) (Canceled)(Canceled due to family emergency.) 

27) Mystic Soul Tarot Card Readings & More (Teona Felton)

FB Page:

28) Temp Tats (Kashala Meador)

FB Page:

29) Paparazi (Tanya Bailey)

FB Page:

30) RAD Candle Co. (Elizabeth Denton)

31) Lil' Baddie Stash Boxes (Stovall)

32) PSTYLEZ Kreation (Pernicia Ferguson)

I.G. Page:

33) T Trends LLC (Mic Mia)

FB Page:


Paparazzi Site:

Welcome to my site! 411114 (

34) Sweet & Spicy Treatz (Jeremy McMullen)
(Delta 8 Infused Drinks

FB Profile:

35) Peaceful Gypsy Herb (Karla Likens)

FB Page:

36) (Removed for Negativity)


37) Cloud 9 Infused Cocktails (Alissa Seay)
IG Cloud9_infusedcocktails

38) Inspired Asylum Art (Tammy Huff)

39) Pink Moon llc (Arianna Asberry)

40) Olivarez Creations (Stephania Olivarez)

FB Page:

41) Roll Like Us (Rochelle White)


FB Page:

42.) T & K Creations (Tara Royce)


43.) Human AF & Clipzone Salon (TrinityYork)



44.) Larry Savage: City Council At Large

FB Group:

45.) Cypress Hillbilly

Ray Omega's Distribution (Ray Scott Shrader)
Hemp Distributer per the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill  

FB Page:

46.) Bodied by J (JorDann Phillips)


FB Page:

47.) Succulents & Serotonin (Alexa Ainsworth)

FB Page:

48) Danger Dog Concessions (Kurt D. Smith)

FB Page:

49) Imagine Burgers & Brew

304 N Jefferson St, Converse, IN, United States, 46919

FB Page:

50 ) Helping Hands of Anderson, IN 46016 (Heather Allen)

FB Group:

51) Fudging Around (Sandi Showen)

FB Profile:

52) GET RIGHT Smoke Shop (Todd Phillips)

53.) Spring Hill Growstead (A. Kapuscinski)
(Anderson, IN 46016)

FB Page:

54.) INORML Advocates of MadCo (Jacob Burris)
FB group:

55.) Kat's Crystals and Curiosities (Kat Mesaros)

Link Tree: 

Kat’s Crystals and Curiosities | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

FB Page:

Pro-Cannabis Supporters & Sponsors

1.) Hoosier Cannabis Community

FB Page:
FB Group:

2.) Spring Hill Growstead (Anderson, IN 46016)

FB Page:

3.) Dj Dex Entertainment DJ & Karaoke
FB Group:

4.) BYOB-Build Your Own Burrito
FB Page:

5.) The American Trauma Club
FB Group:

6.) 420 Comedy Club
FB Group:

7.) Madison County Music and Entertainment (Mix'n'Mingle)
FB Group:

8.) Michelle Free Photography 
Michelle Forreman Freed

FB Page:

9.) Anderson Indiana Events PUBLIC Official Group 

FB Group:

10) UglyBucks Anderson, Indiana 46016
FB Page:

11.) Get Right Smoke Shop Anderson, Indiana 46016

FB Page:


UPDATED: 04.28.2023

Vendor Information:
We are taking over a parking lot in downtown Anderson by the Blue Bridge. Vendor spots are 2 parking spots wide. Some people park in 1 and use 1 or use both. There is enough space to fill the lot and still have parking available.

(See EVENT MAP for layout)

The Parking Lot/Set UP will still have light automobile/pedestrian traffic driving/walking through the event.

DO Not block thru traffic.

Allow everyone around us to continue

with their normal business schedule.

We are the extra added bonus for the day.

Parking is first come first serve.

The FEE for BOOTH Space is $25.00 per Vendor. The fee breakdown is $5.00 will go towards porta pot rental

for us and our guests, and $20.00 is for

Operation Restoration Project.

The OperationRestoration Project Wall is located at the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Grounds -

Kokomo Indiana.

It is a wall that is in loving memory of

the Next Gen Veterans.

The idea is to purchase more

resilient and durable material

with less maintenance.

Basically, I'm taking a marketing fee and donating it

to a good cause instead of pocketing it.

For the Honor Wall Project, we will be using UglyBucks a Full-service print business offering apparel, indoor media, outdoor media, and much more! They will help us pick something that people from all over the Nation will hear about.

FB Group Link:
Follow the OperationRestoration Project for more up-to-date information and how to participate in the project. PLUS if you want to attend the unveiling party. We will post everything pertaining to OperationRestoration Project in the group.


All are welcome to participate.

Sidenote Q & A:

BOOTH Space Fee will be collected at the event sign-in table.

Q: Why a FEE if it's a parking lot?
A: Because there is a lot of extra behind-the-scenes stuff that happens. For example, marketing a 420 event that has a 50% chance of bad weather every year. I personally spend 5-10 plus hours a day, planning and organizing the logistics to make sure the event runs smoothly for everyone. It's a small price to pay for all the work that goes into pulling an event like ours off.

Q: Can I see your permission slip?!?
A: We do not ask permission to assemble. We believe in the

Constitutional Right of Assembly and Freedom of Speech.
Our events are to participate at your own risk.

Cannabis is currently illegal in the State of Indiana. The Hoosier Cannabis Advocates from all over the State are still actively seeking reform. Our local group of activists has participated in Cannabis Reform for many years. We look forward to teaming up with everyone.

Thanks in advance,
Nicole (Schuyler) Kapuscinski
aka Activist Nikki

Like us or Follow our FB Page Link:

Also, Join our Hoosier Cannabis Community FB group.

Last but NOT least, JOIN the 420 Shakedown Street Festival group to keep up to date with all things related to the event's past, present, and future. Plus communicate with our Shakedown Street Vendors

and get a sneak peek at what they will be offering.

Link to FB Group:

Microsoft Word Vendor Roster including Maps:

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