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This page is dedicated to the Vendors who participate in our events

and/or the vendors willing to participate with other

Cannabis Advocates/Activists in Indiana.


 HOOSIER Cannabis Community Vendor Roster:

We use google docs to create documents to be used for events. They are PUBLIC and viewable by anyone with the link. Only the H.C.C. Tech Support Team can edit or update information on the rosters or social media. 

If you see something that needs to be edited or fixed don't hesitate to reach out. As we learned in 2023 many people read through the information, but not everyone catches the errors unless it pertains to them.


We don't have a lot of editors or a bunch of tech support that can fix everything. We are not perfect. We are humans trying to exist in this thing we call life.  

NOTE: The list is of the Vendors I will call first whenever anyone says do you know any vendors? I call them my GOLD Vendors. They understand that Cannabis is Illegal, and were still willing to stand with us in unity instead of targeting the Cannabis Community for money making. THANK YOU!! 

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